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Schick Intuition

A totally cool social media campaign starts a new fad and launches a new razor, attracting 1.5 million video views!


Winner of the 2015 IAC Award for Best Fashion or Beauty online campaign, Skintimate’s “Inspiration Nation” empowered thousands of young women.

Cadillac V-Series

Rocketing form 0-60 in under five seconds, the Cadillac V-Series is fast! This platform drove the entire launch campaign, winning 18 industry awards.

Bayer Healthcare

A global heart health website reaches out to millions of people at risk, as well as their families and friends.

Skintimate Social Posts

Fun, encouraging social posts inspire women to care for their legs and get their best game on every day.

Cover Girl

A direct mail and national sampling campaign drives in-store sales among millions of new beauty consumers — and their moms!

Herbal Essences

A bold multimedia campaign dares millions to “get caught streaking” for the chance to win tickets to the world’s Ultimate Streaking Party.

Schick Women

Schick Women and Skintimate join forces with Universal’s blockbuster Pitch Perfect 2 to help women “rock their legs” and their world.


Pfizer test markets a new migraine drug with a “sensational” public awareness and patient marketing campaign.


A 24/7 online support program lightens the load for COPD patients with daily tips that motivate, encourage and inspire.

Schick Women Social Posts

What’s so awesome about Schick Women’s razors? Inventive social posts tell the story and start the buzz.

Cadillac Awareness

Bold, direct and strikingly simple — a series of banners define the essence of each model, yet capture one brand.

Cadillac STS

High impact banners and a virtual “test drive” introduce the Cadillac STS — and put foreign luxury sedans on notice.


Dynamic video banners and an e-crm campaign capture the lifestyle — and the attention of busy moms and active seniors.

Advil PM

An aggressive coupon promotion and gently humorous online campaign helps launch Advil PM into the nighttime analgesic arena.


A leading maker of products for diabetes management hosts the world’s first online triathlon for diabetes.

Childcare Learning Centers

When government budget cuts threatened to limit services, a pro bono direct mail campaign helped generate donations from the local community.


An online loyalty program helps build healthy habits and customer loyalty for three consecutive years.

Ciba Vision

Active teens and young adults find the ultimate contact lens for their busy lifestyles in a few easy clicks.

Dove Beauty

A monthly loyalty program gives Dove’s best customers more real beauty values and drives more in-store sales.

Episcopal Diocese of NY

A transit ad campaign attracts new congregants — and national media attention in The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.

Friends Vilas-Fischer Trust Company

A small investment firm flexes its global muscle with a dramatic ad campaign.

Humana Healthcare

A two-click online experience helps thousands of Humana customers manage their healthcare benefits with ease and confidence.


A tempting test-market promotion gives gourmet coffee lovers a “first taste” of what’s in store.


A tableware brand with a strong presence in casual china repositions itself as a premium brand with an eye on the bridal market.

Morningstar Farms

Makers of the world’s “best tasting veggie burgers” whet appetites with a drive-time radio campaign, web and coupon promotion.

Nautica Fragrances

A new premium fragrance for men sets sail with an online Fantasy Voyage Sweepstakes to the world’s premiere adventure locations.

Olive Garden

America’s favorite Italian restaurant brings the taste of Italy to millions with mouthwatering promotions for the whole family.

Port Authority of NY/NJ

An aggressive trade campaign helps stem the corporate exodus to midtown during the recessionary real estate market of 1998.


A comprehensive clinical trial kit helps Roche test a revolutionary diet aid for OTC use.