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Schick Intuition

A totally cool social media campaign starts a new fad and launches a new razor, attracting 1.5 million video views!

Cadillac V-Series

Rocketing form 0-60 in under five seconds, the Cadillac V-Series is fast! This platform drove the entire launch campaign, winning 18 industry awards.

Herbal Essences

A bold multimedia campaign dares millions to “get caught streaking” for the chance to win tickets to the world’s Ultimate Streaking Party.

Cadillac Awareness

Bold, direct and strikingly simple — a series of banners define the essence of each model, yet capture one brand.

Cadillac STS

High impact banners and a virtual “test drive” introduce the Cadillac STS — and put foreign luxury sedans on notice.


Dynamic video banners and an e-crm campaign capture the lifestyle — and the attention of busy moms and active seniors.

Advil PM

An aggressive coupon promotion and gently humorous online campaign helps launch Advil PM into the nighttime analgesic arena.