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Cover Girl

A direct mail and national sampling campaign drives in-store sales among millions of new beauty consumers — and their moms!


Pfizer test markets a new migraine drug with a “sensational” public awareness and patient marketing campaign.


A 24/7 online support program lightens the load for COPD patients with daily tips that motivate, encourage and inspire.


Dynamic video banners and an e-crm campaign capture the lifestyle — and the attention of busy moms and active seniors.

Advil PM

An aggressive coupon promotion and gently humorous online campaign helps launch Advil PM into the nighttime analgesic arena.


A leading maker of products for diabetes management hosts the world’s first online triathlon for diabetes.

Childcare Learning Centers

When government budget cuts threatened to limit services, a pro bono direct mail campaign helped generate donations from the local community.


An online loyalty program helps build healthy habits and customer loyalty for three consecutive years.

Dove Beauty

A monthly loyalty program gives Dove’s best customers more real beauty values and drives more in-store sales.