Schick Women

Two aca-awesome promotions prove that shaving really rocks!

Taking a cue from the blockbuster movie Pitch Perfect 2, Schick Women, Skintimate and Universal joined forces to show women how to rock their legs and their world! The Pitch Perfect 2 Trivia Quiz challenged viewers to test their Pitch Perfect IQ for a chance to win cool weekly prizes and the Aca-Battle Sweepstakes gave women a chance to rock their legs all the way to Hollywood! Both sweeps were promoted via You Tube and social posts. Consumer response? Aca-awesome!!


Promotion Overview Page
Sample Tumblr Posts Animated when live
Pitch Perfect 2 Trivia Quiz Mobile Site (sample pages)
Aca-Battle Sweepstakes Mobile Site (sample pages)


“Ready, Shave, Shine” Video

Created by JWT